Taylor Made Blues

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Kolassa-TaylorMade-coverLike my previous blues albums, Jeff Jensen produced Taylor Made Blues and sweat blood while coordinating the work. Also like my previous work, all the proceeds for the sales of this record will go to the Blues Foundation. This new record has even more variety than the previous ones. I called it Taylor Made Blues because …MORE INFO->


Ghosts of the Riverside Hotel

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MKolassa-Riverside-COVERI called this album “Ghosts of the Riverside Hotel” because the spirits of those who passed through those doors are still there, they can be felt.  Those blues greats have made my life so much better through their music, and I hope to honor them with this record.  As with my …MORE INFO->



Michissippi Mick

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MichissippiMickMick has recorded a blend of original songs and added in a few surprise covers. With songs ranging from the rock-solid electric blues of “Blowtorch Love” to the jug-band style reworking of WC Handy’s classic “Beale Street Blues,” this album gives the listener a taste of many styles of the blues…MORE INFO ->